DynaSperse Pigment Dispersion

DynaSperse is a water-based, concentrated liquid pigment dispersion made with stable, light fast mineral pigments specifically formulated to be added to Dynaflex Neutral Base or Center Court. DynaSperse creates a long wearing, non-fading color coating for tennis courts, running tracks, outdoor basketball courts, playgrounds and walkways. It matches each of the standard Dynaflex colors.

Fast Drying

Allows color coating in one hour

Penetrates & Strengthens Old Surface

Greatly enhances color coating’s bond to oxidized blacktop.


Comes in concentrated form.

Improves Existing Surface

Helps rebind old surfaces prior to Dynaflex Cushion Coating or Sport-Mat application.

Environmentally Safe

Very low VOC (Volatile Organic Content)

DynaSperseAvailable in Pail

Product Description
Color Choices 2-Gallon Pail
Beige 02425
Black 02440
Tournament Blue 02420
Sky Blue 02430
Tournament Green 02405
Green 02410
Gray 02435
Red 02415

Mix Design

Two 2-gallon pails of DynaSperse should be added to one 55-gallon drum of Dynaflex Neutral Base to match the standard Dynaflex color chosen. One 2-gallon pail of DynaSperse should be added to one 35-gallon drum of Center Court to match the standard Dynaflex color chosen.

Per 55 Gallons of Dynaflex Neutral Base

Product Amount Yield
Water 22 – 28 Gallons 90 – 100 Gallons
DynaSperse 4 Gallons
Sand 300 – 400 lbs.

Per 35 Gallons of Center Court

Product Amount Yield
Water 16 – 20 Gallons 53 – 57
DynaSperse 2 Gallons