Dynaflex Neutral Base

Dynaflex Neutral Base is a premium quality, highly pigmented, acrylic emulsion. When mixed with wearing, non-fading color and texture to asphalt and concrete pavements including parking lots, tennis courts, basketball courts, playgrounds
and walkways. For courts, mix designs can be adjusted to optimize speed of play and bounce requirements.

Long Lasting

Premium acrylic polymer fortified with polyolefin fiber provides up to 50% greater wear, tensile strength and flexibility than typical clay filled acrylic coatings.


The Dynasperse pigment can be mixed at the job – only mix and use what is needed. No excess product wasted.

No Fading

Dynasperse provides pure inorganic pigments, which assure rich, true color for years of service.

Dynaflex Neutral BaseAvailable in Pail, Drum

Product # Product Description
02314 5-Gallon Pail
02315 5-Gallon Pail

Mix Design

(Based on 55 Gallons)

Dynaflex is a highly concentrated material intended to be mixed with water and mineral aggregate to form a ready-to-use color.



Product Amount Yield
Water 22-28 Gallons 90-100 Gallons
Dynasperse 4 Gallons 90-100 Gallons
Sand 300-400 lbs. 90-100 Gallons


Recreational surfaces often require Dynaflex Acrylic Resurfacer prior to color coating. There is also the option of building up an acrylic cushion underlayment with Dynaflex Cushion Base and Dynaflex Cushion Top prior to color coating. After the resurfacer or cushion underlayment has been given adequate time to dry thoroughly, dynaflex texture color coats shall be applied by rubber based squeegee in a minimum of two applications. As a result, on a smooth sand or rubber textured surface, comsumption of Dynaflex is calculated at a rate of .05 to .1 gallon per square yard per coat of 1 gallon per 10 to 20 square yards per coat. Coverage rates can vary with the application method and the age, texture and porosity of the pavement to be coated.