Dynabinder is a high tensile strength, acrylic latex bonding agent. Dynabinder is formulated to patch new or existing asphalt and concrete surfaces. It can also be used as a primer for new or existing concrete surfaces.

Saves Job Time

Fast, permanent repair for low spots on tennis courts, play areas, walkways and outdoor basketball courts.


Even with 1″ applications per lift, Dynabinder will stay leveled and not shrink.

Fast Setting Patches

Reduces time required before coating can begin, and the finished job is available to user sooner.

Hard, Permanent Bond

Will not pop out of asphalt.

Excellent Water-based Concrete Primer

Will adhere to concrete at least thirty days old.

DynabinderAvailable in Pail or Drum

Product # Product Description
02510 5-Gallon Pail
02509 55-Gallon Steel Drum

Mix Design

As supplied, Dynabinder is a concentrated material intended to be mixed with Portland cement and silica sand. Based on a 100 lb. bag of silica sand, mix one bag of sand with two gallons (dry, unpacked) Portland cement. Add to this dry mix up to three gallons of Dynabinder liquid in a portable cement mixer, wheelbarrow, or other equipment which will thoroughly blend the components to a smooth homogeneous consistency. Do not add water. Extra Dynabinder should only be added after thoroughly mixing. Add only as much Dynabinder as is necessary to achieve workable consistency. Mix only as much as can be used within one hour.

Dynabinder Cement Sand
1 – 1.5 1 2.5
2.5 – 3 2 5
5 – 6 4 10


Properly mixed, Dynabinder, sand and cement will dry quickly. The following application procedures are recommended for best results: One gallon of Dynabinder will make 2.6 gallons of wet mix which is enough to fill 4.17 square feet by 1″ deep. Calculate gallons of mix required by [area (ft2) x depth (in)] divided by 1.6 gallons of mix to fill. Coverage rates can vary with the age, texture, and porosity fo the pavement.