Center Court

Center Court is a non-pigmented concentrated acrylic textured coating system. This silica-fortified coating will provide a smooth, even textured and flexible surface. Center Court is applied as a resurfacer coat after dilution with water. Center Court is also used as a base material to which Dynaflex Acrylic Color Coating is added as a finish coat to achieve a textured color surface.

Long Lasting

Premium 100% acrylic polymer fortified with reinforcing pigments provide up to 50% greater wear, tensile strength and flexibility than typical clay filled acrylic coatings.

Ease of Application

Engineered for improved ease of use. Just add sand, water, mix and apply by squeegee or spray.

No Streaking

Formulation provides uniform application and color over asphalt or concrete services.

Sand Suspension

Excellent sand suspension during application provides uniform appearance and playing surface.

Non-Fading Colors

Pure, high quality synthetic mineral oxide pigments are used for improved color stability for years of service.

LEED Green Building Compliant

Custom colors can be formulated to meet “High Albedo Coatings” requirements.

Center CourtAvailable in Pail or Drum

Product Description
Color Choices 5-Gallon Pail 35-Gallon Fiber Drum
Neutral 02636 02632

Mix Design

As supplied, Center Court is a highly concentrated material intended to be mixed with water to form a ready-touse pavement resurfacer and finish coat. Per 35 gallon drum of Center Court, add 20 gallons of water.


Coverage rates can vary with age, texture and porosity of the pavement to be sealed and with the method of application. New construction often requires resurfacer coats prior to color coating. On a smooth, sand textured surface, a properly mixed, ready-to-use material will cover at a rate of 12 to 15 sq. yds. per gallon.