Introducing Neyra’s Newest Product – Duraflex

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Duraflex is a premium polymer fortifier for asphalt emulsion. The new water‑based polymer-latex additive is designed as a fortifier for PaveShield, Neyra’s asphalt emulsion pavement sealer. PaveShield fortified with Duraflex will exhibit superior durability and improved drying time than unfortified … Continued

Start Your Season Early With Neyra’s Cool Weather Formulas

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Since Neyra Industries, Inc. introduced its cool weather formula product line, customers have experienced great success with product performance in cooler temperatures while increasing their sales due to their ability to extend their sealcoating seasons. Tarconite and PaveShield Cool Weather … Continued

Prospecting: A Contractor’s Playbook

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During the off season, it is essential that contractors focus their efforts on prospecting for the upcoming year. The end-goal in mind is to always grow the business and strengthen relationships. But how? Contractors often struggle with what are the … Continued

Neyra News Customer Newsletter – Winter 2014 Issue

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Neyra recently introduced its new customer newsletter, Neyra News – a customer-focused publication that highlights company updates, industry news and business development tips. In the winter issue, we feature articles on Neyra’s cool weather formulas, the new customer support Services Neyra now … Continued

Neyra Offering New Support Services

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Neyra is now offering customers an extensive line of support services to provide you with the tools to successfully manage and grow your business, including business development, financial services, website design and operations consulting. Business Development Neyra’s development team is comprised … Continued

Neyra Gives Back

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As a family-owned and operated company, Neyra Industries makes our corporate social responsibility a priority in our annual business plan. Through a mission to inspire people and have a positive impact on the organizations we serve, Neyra partners with our … Continued

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