Line Striping Tape Gap Filler

Stripe Aid is an acrylic latex-based coating that always requires Dynastripe be applied as a top coat. Stripe Aid is used to close the gap between a textured, colored pavement surface and the tape applied to the surface, assuring a straight line free of bleeding.

  • Stops Fuzzy Edges

    The sharpest, cleanest line possible, especially on textured, color coated surfaces.
  • No Show

    Non-pigmented and non-glossy. Won’t show through when tape is removed.
  • Efficient

    Eliminates the need for painting tape with color coat.
  • Fast Drying

    Less lost time on the job.
Stripe Aid
Stripe Aid

Available in Jug or Case

Product # Product Description
04125 1-Gallon Jug
04125 Case*

*Case includes six 1-Gallon jugs and has the same product number as a single jug. When ordering, please indicate the unit of measure needed.

Mix Design

Do not thin under normal conditions. If necessary, thin with clean water at up to half pint per gallon. Over-thinning can result in insufficient solids to totally seal the tape edges.


For use over asphalt and concrete pavements, the following application procedures are recommended for best results:

  • Optimum coverage is approximately 800 to 1,000 feet of line per gallon. A half gallon is mormally sufficient for standard doubles tennis court. For rough surfaces, a second coat may be necessary.