Sport-Mat is a rubber filled, synthetic polymer emulsion, designed as a felxible and resilient recreational surface coating. Sport-Mat can be used to revitalize aging asphalt, asphalt-rubber, latex, and urethane base mat running tracks. It is also used as a resilient all-weather surface on new running tracks. Sport-Mat offers the value of acrylic all-weather performance and the economy of a coating system.

  • Versatile

    Can be used on playgrounds, walkways or any surface where cushion and/or texture are desired.
  • Specially Formulated

    100% compatible with asphalt, latex, and urethane base mat track surfaces.
  • Fast Drying

    Latex formula allows for faster drying than asphalt-based coatings.
  • No Harmful Solvents

    Can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Available in Drum or Tote

Product Description
Color Choices 55-Gallon Steel Drum 240-Gallon Tote
Black 02105 02108
Red 02102 Per Request
Royal Blue 02121 Per Request

Mix Design

(Based on 100 Gallons)

As supplied, Sport-Mat is a concentrate intended to be mixed with water to form a ready-to-use material. The mixture may consist of up to 20 gallons of water per 55 gallons of Sport-Mat concentrate to achieve workability.


For use over asphalt pavement, the following application procedures are recommended for best results:

  • Each application of the ready-to-use mixture shall be at a rate of 0.125 gallon per square yard per coat based on concentrate.
  • Coverage rates can vary with age, texture and porosity of the pavement to be sealed and with the method of application. A minimum of three coats is recommended to the minimum total deposition of 0.375 gallon of concentrate per square yard.
  • Prior to applying Sport-Mat, one coat of Dynabond must be applied.