Dynathane is a concentrated urethane acrylic binder/pigment emulsion designed to be used with SBR and/or EPDM rubber granules. Dynathane offers an advanced formulation superior to 100% acrylic binders. It provides performance comparable to pure urethane solvent based systems. It can be used over existing urethane track surfaces and will not crack.

  • Stops Fading & Hardening

    Pure mineral oxide pigments and the urethane copolymer provide superior resistance to moisture and the ultraviolet rays of the sun.
  • Longer Lasting

    The urethane acrylic base is tougher, more durable binder than the carboxylated styrene-butadiene latex (SBR) commonly used.
  • Highly Resilient

    Dynathane provides high flexibility and elastic recovery resulting in fewer stress injuries.
  • Urethane Acrylic Resin Base

    This advanced formulation provides exceptional adhesion and inherent flexibilty.

Available in Drum or Tote

Product Description
Color Choices 55-Gallon Steel Drum 275-Gallon Tote
Clear 02317 02318
Black 02323 02326

Mix Design

Dynathane is a highly concentrated material intended to be mixed with water

Dynathane Water Yield
100 Gallons 50 - 100 Gallons 150 - 200 Gallons


For use over sound asphalt pavement, the following application procedures are recommended for best results:

Gallons/Square Yard Gallons/Square Foot
Concentrate .12 .013
Mix .18 - .24 .02 - .027
Prime Coat .05 .006

The per layer application rate will average 0.12 gallon per yard of concentrate with the provision that the first prime coat and the last spray coat be Dynathane. Under ideal weather conditions for drying (temperatures about 75°F, low humidity and full sun), allow a minimum of four hours between applications. For less ideal conditions, one coat per day may be the maximum application rate.