Line Striping Tape Gap Filler

Dynastripe is a premium textured acrylic line paint for tennis courts and other recreational surfaces. Formulated to be a fast drying, non-bleeding, long-lasting and sun bleach resistant paint, Dynastripe is unlike most solvent-based striping paints and will not etch the asphalt.

  • Better Line Edges

    High solids, heavy bodied character minimizes creep under tape.
  • Durable

    Dynastripe has been tested for thousands of hours in accelerated weather with no visible signs of fading, cracking, blistering or peeling.
  • Long Lasting Color

    Pure, inorganic, premium quality pigments resist sun and weather.
  • Sand Textured Filled

    Designed to match tennis court finish.
Stripe Aid

Available in Jug or Pail

Product # Product Description
04124 1-Gallon Jug - White
04123 5-Gallon Pail - White

Mix Design

Do not thin under normal conditions. Use clean, potable water if conditions require. Dynastripe white is formulated as a heavy-body paint to minimize creepage and to produce sharp edges when used with taped lines. For spray application, thin Dynastripe with up to 10% of potable water.


For use over asphalt and concrete pavements, the following application procedures are recommended for best results:

  • Each application of the ready-to-use mixture shall cover approximately 640 feet of 2” wide line/gallon or 0.75 gallon for a standard doubles tennis court. Coverage rates can vary with age, texture and porosity of the pavement and with the method of application.