DynaSperse is a water-based, concentrated liquid pigment dispersion made with stable, light fast mineral pigments specifically formulated to be added to Dynaflex Neutral Base or Center Court. DynaSperse creates a long wearing, non-fading color coating for tennis courts, running tracks, outdoor basketball courts, playgrounds and walkways. It matches each of the standard Dynaflex colors.

  • Fast Drying

    Allows color coating in one hour
  • Penetrates & Strengthens Old Surface

    Greatly enhances color coating's bond to oxidized blacktop.
  • Economical

    Comes in concentrated form.
  • Improves Existing Surface

    Helps rebind old surfaces prior to Dynaflex Cushion Coating or Sport-Mat application.
  • Environmentally Safe

    Very low VOC (Volatile Organic Content)

Available in Pail

Product Description
Color Choices 2-Gallon Pail
Beige 02425
Black 02440
X Blue 02420
Blue 02430
Dark Green 02405
Green 02410
Gray 02435
Red 02415

Mix Design

Two 2-gallon pails of DynaSperse should be added to one 55-gallon drum of Dynaflex Neutral Base to match the standard Dynaflex color chosen. One 2-gallon pail of DynaSperse should be added to one 35-gallon drum of Center Court to match the standard Dynaflex color chosen.

Per 55 Gallons of Dynaflex Neutral Base

Product Amount Yield
Water 22 - 28 Gallons 90 - 100 Gallons
DynaSperse 4 Gallons
Sand 300 - 400 lbs.

Per 35 Gallons of Center Court

Product Amount Yield
Water 16 - 20 Gallons 53 - 57
DynaSperse 2 Gallons