Dynabond is a general purpose, clear, non-yellowing, concentrated acrylic prime coat for asphalt concrete and portland cement concrete surfaces. Dynabond is formulated as a primer for new or existing asphalt surfaces. It can also be used as a topcoat hardener for basketball and tennis courts.

  • Penetrates & Strengthens Old Surface

    Allows color coating to be applied in one hour.
  • Fast Drying

    Even with 1" applications per lift, Dynabinder will stay leveled and not shrink.
  • Economical

    Comes in concentrated form.
  • Environmentally Safe

    Very low VOC (Volatile Organic Content).

Available in Pail

Product # Product Description
02109 5-Gallon Pail

Mix Design

As supplied, Dynabond is a highly concentrated material intended to be mixed with water at a rate of one part primer to four parts water. It is important to dilute before use. Dynabond is too concentrated to use as a penetrating primer/sealer as supplied.


The following application procedures are recommended for best service:

  • On rubberized asphalt, the coverage should be 13 to 18 square yards per diluted gallon. The requirement for other surfaces will generally fall between these extremes which are to be used as a guideline only. On very porous surfaces such as old, rubberized surfaces, a second coat may be advisable. Coverage rates can vary with the age, texture and porosity of the pavement.